1. salparadisewasright:

    "Suddenly the firing ceased, and as the smoke cleared away, a most superb sight opened on us. A close column of Grenadiers of la Garde, about 6,000 strong, led, as we have since heard, by Marshal Ney, were seen ascending the rise au pas de charge, shouting “Vive l’Empereur!” They continued to advance till within fifty or sixty paces of our front, when the brigade were ordered to stand up. Whether it was from the sudden and unexpected appearance of a corps so near them, which must have seemed as starting out of the ground, or the tremendously heavy fire we threw into them, La Garde, who had never before failed in an attack, suddenly stopped. Those who from a distance and more on the flank who could see the affair, tell us that the effect of the fire seemed to force the head of the column bodily back.”

    Captain Powell, 1st Foot Guards

  3. tankthethomasengine:

    "damn," said thomas as he pulled up to the level crossing, "this bus is fried as fuck."

  6. My parents are such nerds. I love them :)

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    my photo :-) {please dont delete this so i get credit ty xx}

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    oh my god

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    Mr. Rogers, making me feel feelings.  

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  13. indypendent-thinking:

    A policeman judges a lovely ankle competition at Hounslow, London. 1926

  14. semioticapocalypse:

    The Coronation Scot, in America for the New York World’s Fair, stops here on a bridge near Washington, alongside the famous American train Royal Blue. March 27, 1939

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